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Secrets in the Dark

Go Ahead and Whisper One...I Won't Tell

9 September 1974
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Alright, my mini-bio has changed a bit, so...
I am a 34-year old self-identified witch in Omaha, NE. I am an active pagan whose path is somewhere between British Traditional witchcraft and Neolithic European shamanism. One day I'll come up with an easy-to-say term for that. Just not today.
I have been working as an RN at the local university hospital on a cardiac floor. I'm doing my best to gain some nursing experience before going back to school for Midwifery.
I have many interests, including roller skating and guitar (which are my newest) but you can see all that below.
At the time of this re-write, I am thinking that I'd like to take the time to post more photos to my journal.

I guess that's about it.
On with the Journal!!

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