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Happy Beltane, everyone!!
In celebration of the return of the bright half of the year, the union of the God and Goddess, and the occasional...greenwood marriage (smirk), I thought I would post some of my favorite Beltane poetry and songs.

The following writings have been put under LJ cuts to protect the innocent. ;)
Flags, Flax, Fodder, and Frigg!
Alysen :) xxoo

Serpent's Calling
Deep within the dream of silence
Blood and passions born beyond,
Gather at the serpent's calling,
Echo to its siren song.

For deep within the cauldron's darkness
Two hearts ache to join as one,
Must answer to the serpent's laughter;
Dance within its spiral song.

For blood is called, and passions gather:
Drum beat rhythms call the blood
To dance the paths of passion's power,
To sing for joy, for life, for love.

Within the shadows of a clearing
Deep within the silent green,
Revealed through a veil of moonlight,
Caught beside a crystal stream.

A woman from the land of beauty
Dances in the silver light,
Entranced within a web of silver
Woven by the serpent's light.
The serpent's laughter, song of shadows,
Echoes through the spinning web,
Weaving dreams with songs of silver,
Calling sacred fires long dead.

Within her body, flames awaken
Beauty and her passions need
Power and a desperate yearning,
Calling to the serpent's seed.

Within the ancient forest shadows,
Roots and boughs that weave and dream,
re-echo to the serpent's laughter,
Weaving webs of dancing green.

The serpent's song now calls the Hunter;
Beast Lord, Master of the Woods.
Calls the Stag Lord from the shadows,
Woodland's Master, Lord of Love.

She dances now, her passions spiral,
Calls her love into the night;
He flies upon the wings of laughter,
Led on by her silver light.

Flesh and sinew, man and muscle,
Loins that ache now hear her call.
She hears the Hunter's horn of power,
Hears his cry and hunting call.

The Stag Lord stalks within the clearing,
She turns to flee, but cannot run.
Transformed she spreads herself for passion,
Calling with her silver song.

Both their bodies rage with passions,
Beasts now dance within their blood.
Their eyes now flash with love's own lightning
As flesh now kindles warm for love.

Her thighs remember mothers' movements,
Moments from her mother's birth,
Cries of silver golden laughter
Plough within the fertile earth.

Their song and cry a single moment,
Pain, and yet a single joy,
As Earth unites a single sunlight
Lust fulfilled, reborn as joy.

God and Goddess at Beltane
He: I am the burning flame of inspiration bringing light and life to the world

She: I am the burning flame of love which creates light and life in the world

He: I am the rushing stream, sweeping all before me

She: I am the deepest ocean, taking all within me

He: I am the swiftest wind that carries the seed

She: I am the gentlest breeze which kisses the land

He: I am the mighty mountain which caresses the stars

She: I am the smallest leaf which falls in the forest glade

He: I am He! The Lord of Life and Death;
The Keeper of the Gates, the Hunter and the hunted

She: I am She! Queen of the darkness and the light;
Guardian of the Veil, the Mystery of Creation

Both: Together we stand, and in the power of our love shall the wheel turn.

Gently Johnny
I put my hand all on her knee
She says to me do you want to see?

I put my hand all on her breast
She says do you want to be kissed?

I put my hand all on her thigh
She says to me do you want to try?
I put my hand all on her belly
She says to me do you want to fill 'ee?

Gently, gently, Johnny,
Oh gently, gently, Johnny,
Johnny, my jigaloo!

Oak and Ash and Thorn
"Oh do not tell the priest our plight, for he would call it a sin,
But we've been out in the woods all night a-conjuring summer in;
And we bring good news by word of mouth, for women and cattle and corn,
For now is the sun come up from the South by Oak and Ash and Thorn."

The Maypole Song
In the woods there grew a tree
And a fine fine tree was he

And on that tree there was a limb
And on that limb there was a branch
And on that branch there was a nest
And in that nest there was an egg
And in that egg there was a bird
And from that bird a feather came
And of that feather was
A bed

And on that bed there was a girl
And on that girl there was a man
And from that man there was a seed
And from that seed there was a boy
And from that boy there was a man
And for that man there was a grave
From that grave there grew
A tree

I am She
I raise slow blue eyes to yours
You! Who mumble in dreams
You ! Who have conjured me
In every form
In every ritual
Powerful Isis, Sweet Aphrodite
Gentle Bridgid
I am She
Who dances naked, whirling through the smoke of your campfires
Scatters sparks of stars through streams of night skies
She, who reigns the watchful course of the Moon
I am She
Who burns at the center of your innermost being
You who have called me awake from my earthly slumber
Urged me to your side
And for what?
I have been with you always, yet you did not know me
You whisper great words of seduction and mystery
I am here where I have always been
Reach for me now; I am the answer you seek
I have been preparing for this eternal moment
I am the loving culmination of all your soulful searches
I am She
I am Yours
My flame burns for you

Aphrodite in Brooklyn
Please allow me to take off my shoes,
this faux marble pose
and this modern, pragmatic mask.
Permit me my ruin.

Let us not consider this therapy
or revolution, do not ask me to give you space
let us not discuss those who came before
and those who might follow.
Let us not talk of past lives.

I have fallen on hard times.
If you come to my temple, just
let me make for you

an ocean

Half seen in the darkness
your body, a mystery
true, tangible, radiant,
lined with the rings of your life.

You are beautiful, beautiful to be a man.

Darling, even in this era, I will not believe
that love is disposable,

that sex is safe
that lovers are trains,
rolling past each other
to some certain station

I remember,

I almost remember
my river source.

My skin forms the word anew,

enter me

as if you were coming home.

Summer Is A Cumen In
Summer is Icumen in
Loudly sing cuckoo
Grows the seed and blows the mead
And springs the wood anew
Sing cuckoo
Ewe bleats harshly after lamb
Cows after calves make moo
Bullock stamps and deer champs
Now shrilly sing cuckoo
Cuckoo, cuckoo
Wild bird are you
Be never still cuckoo

Genesis Eternal
Down into the depths
Where dreams and thoughts
Come alive and live
In glowing light,
And speak of ancient secrets
Forgotten long ago in caves,
Humans once called home.
Out from the darkness
A vision of beauty:
Hair flying like chaos,
Eyes flashing with enchantment,
Breasts heavy with ambrosia,
Exuding rich perfume of passion.
I approached through my dream
As if through a door,
And whispered,
Let us lie down
And make the flowers and the trees,
And the seasons once more.

The Tinker of Rye
There was a tinker lived of late
Who walked the streets of Rye
He bore his pack upon his back
Patches and plugs did cry
O I have brass within my bag
My hammer's full of metal.
And as to skill I well can clout
And mend a broken kettle

A maiden did this tinker meet
And to him boldly say
For sure, my kettle hath much need
If you will pass my way
She took the tinker by the hand
And led him to her door
Says she my kettle I will show
And you can clout it sure

For patching and plugging is his delight
His work goes forward day and night

Fair maid says he
Your kettle's cracked
The cause is plainly told
There hath so many nails been drove
Mine own could not take hold
Says she it hath endured some knocks
and more it may i know
I'm sure a large large nail will hold
If it was struck in so

For patching and plugging is his delight
His work goes forward, day and night

Oh Astarte!
Mother inexhaustible and incorruptible,
creatures, born the first, engendered by thyself and by thyself conceived,
issue of thyself alone and seeking joy within thyself, Astarte!
Perpetually fertilized, virgin and nurse of all that is,
chaste and lascivious, pure and revelling,
ineffable, nocturnal,
sweet, breather of fire, foam of the sea!

Thou who accordest grace in secret, thou who unitest,
thou who lovest,
thou who seizest with furious desire the multiplied races of savage beasts and couplest the sexes in the wood.

Oh, irrisistable Astarte!
hear me,
take me,
possess me,
oh, Moon! and thirteen times each year draw from my womb the sweet libation of my blood!


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May. 12th, 2009 10:28 pm (UTC)
Happy Beltane!
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