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Hey, I just found the most faboo lj community.
It's adayinmylife and the idea is that you basically take pictures throughout a single day of your experiences and post them (under an lj cut, obviously). I think 70 is the max.
It's amazing how much you can see/express in a single day.

I am so doing this!

Weekends are Nice...

Well, I'm having a great weekend in spite of the fact that I am working through 2/3 of it. :)
We saw Star Trek on the IMAX last night and it rocked.
In fact, I will also try to catch a regular matinee of it early next week.
Too cool.

In other news, a big happy birthday to Ruby Tuesday!!
Sorry I'll be missing your party, but I'll try to send you a b-day text on my lunch break tonight.

When Creativity is Work(ing).

I want to spend some time next week working on my book.
I find that I get so distracted with too many ideas and I'm hoping that if I can just put all the rest of the stuff aside, on the back burner, and FOCUS on my end goal, I'll get it all written.
Once that's done, it's just organization, editing, and re-writing.

The first chapter's done. I just need to grind forward. :)

Anatomy and Physiology...

Okay, so all week I've been having these on-again-off-again "sinus" headaches.
As it turns out...I now think that these were just caused by a lack of sleep. Heh.
That's pretty good news, actually, as that seems to be something I have some measure of control over. :)

In other news, I picked up two more books yesterday and some new shirts from Old Navy and Deb.
I'm really excited to be shopping in new stores, even if it is still in the plus size section. :)
Here's my updated ticker:

Wheee...go froggy, go!

As a side note, I've decided to go blonde again. When I get time, I'll take a new userpic.

Happy Beltane, everyone!!
In celebration of the return of the bright half of the year, the union of the God and Goddess, and the occasional...greenwood marriage (smirk), I thought I would post some of my favorite Beltane poetry and songs.

The following writings have been put under LJ cuts to protect the innocent. ;)
Flags, Flax, Fodder, and Frigg!
Alysen :) xxoo

Serpent's CallingCollapse )

God and Goddess at BeltaneCollapse )

Gently JohnnyCollapse )

Oak and Ash and ThornCollapse )

The Maypole SongCollapse )

I am SheCollapse )

Aphrodite In BrooklynCollapse )

Summer is A Cumen InCollapse )

Genesis EternalCollapse )

The Tinker of RyeCollapse )

Oh Astarte!Collapse )

Haven't updated in forever...

Alright. Alright.
There have been complaints all around that those of us with old livejournals have been neglecting them with the new, shiny distraction of facebook and twitter.
Fear not, LiveJournal.
You will always be my dearest, closest blog-friend.
I have been with you since the days of LJ invitations and will not be abandoning our relationship anytime soon.

I will do my best to update more often, and be a better blog-user all around.
*Kisses LiveJournal and leaves flowers at the door*


Phones and Ringers...

Yes, I have a new phone...and it is delicious!!!
I'm making my own ringtones and am having *way* too much fun doing it.
Since I have a 4gb card, I want each of you to tell me what your theme song should be and I'll make a ringtone that plays it when you call. :)

Do it!!

Gotta Love PostSecret!

Originally uploaded by neolithicmoon
This is the best post secret I have ever read.

Happy Freaking New Year, Everyone...

And to start us off right...
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